90 years ago now, Biel Huguet (1908) founded a small company dedicated to the manufacture of cement pieces. In those years, cement tiles and a multitude of other prefabricated products such as beams, balustrades and sinks were basic elements in the island’s architecture. A Mallorca that was still very ancient, very centenary, which was beginning to industrialise. A factory like so many others. In every village on the island, in every neighbourhood of Palma, there were several. The same as in the vast majority of towns and cities in the western Mediterranean. Our history began in those years of great and traumatic changes. A history that Biel Huguet, an enterprising, enthusiastic and innovative man, led until his premature death in 1956. From that moment on, his wife, Margalida, a dressmaker, had to become involved in the factory while his only son Damià (aged 10 years old) grew from a child to a young man, and then to an adult.