X When Damià died, his son Biel, grandson of the founder, who had just finished technical architecture between Barcelona and London, and who was already enrolled to continue studying industrial engineering in Barcelona, decided to come back and take over the family business. He believed in the recovery of traditional architecture and the promotion of [...]


X Damià Huguet started working in the family factory. He was 16 years old, had finished the elementary baccalaureate, and decided not to go to Palma to study, but to stay with his mother, in the village, in a still very rural Mallorca that was beginning to change radically with the arrival of tourism. At [...]


X 90 years ago now, Biel Huguet (1908) founded a small company dedicated to the manufacture of cement pieces. In those years, cement tiles and a multitude of other prefabricated products such as beams, balustrades and sinks were basic elements in the island’s architecture. A Mallorca that was still very ancient, very centenary, which was [...]