At Huguet Mallorca we have adopted a proactive stance to optimise our production and reduce our environmental impact. We believe that the key to business practice lies in taking responsibility for climate change and committing to action to minimise, even neutralise, CO2 emissions.


Sustainability in the production of our products

– Cement parts, such as the ones we manufacture, have proven to have a centuries-long durability.

– Our pieces are made entirely of cement and aggregates that are fully recyclable.

– Our cement products do not involve firing, and therefore no direct CO2 emissions.

– The dyes are natural or obtained by natural processes.

– The raw materials used are local and in most cases are recycled.

– The pieces we currently make are substantially thinner than those made in the past, thus reducing the raw materials required and transport costs.

– They are made with Green Label Cement, which generates 35% less emissions than the usual cements.


Transport and CO2 neutralisation

From 2020 we apply the requirements of the Euro 5 and ISO 14064-3 standards to reduce and offset carbon production in transport networks by investing in global projects that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From 2020 we will offset all CO2 generated by our production (scopes 1 and 2), with the aim of further improving the performance of both our activities and our products.


Transition to zero waste

Combining knowledge and innovation is the challenge we set ourselves to make further progress towards sustainability. To promote values with which to advance, both technically and aesthetically, which is why we have developed numerous projects and collaborations to recycle a wide range of products that include our leftover terrazzo and hydraulic tiles, but also marble, glass, wood and ceramics.



You can access all our recycling processes and projects through this hashtag on instagram.
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Certificate Declare

Declare is a transparent silverform and product database that is changing the materials market and our handmade Huguet terrazzo tiles have its certificate. Take a look at our material composition and certificate.

We have received this funding for the installation of photovoltaic panels to help us reduce our energy dependance.