Here at Huguet Mallorca, we strive to be proactive in reducing our environmental footprint by optimizing our production methods, with the aim of reducing our impact on nature. We believe that taking responsibility for climate change and being committed to minimizing and even go as far as eliminating CO2 emissions altogether, is something at the heart of good business.


Sustainability and the manufacture of our products

  • The cement pieces we make, have proven durability that lasts for generations.
  • Our pieces are made entirely from fully recycled cement and aggregates.
  • Our cement products do not require firing, and as such do not directly emit CO2.
  • Our colorants are either natural or obtained by natural processes.
  • The raw materials we use, are locally sourced and in most cases, have been recycled.
  • The kind of pieces we make these days, are substantially slimmer than those that were made in the past, thus reducing the amount of raw material and transportation needed.
  • Our products are manufactured using Green Label Cement which generates 35% less emissions than standard cements.


Transportation and CO2 elimination

During 2021, we put into action the requirements set out in current Euro 5 and ISO 14064-3 legislation, which seeks to reduce and offset the production of carbon associated with transportation, by investing in projects worldwide which contribute towards the reduction of gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

So far in 2022, we managed to offset all the CO2 we generated from our manufacturing processes (Objectives 1 and 2). Our primary goal is to improve both our processes and products on an ongoing basis.


The transition to “zero waste”

Learning to combine both knowledge and innovation, is the challenge we set for ourselves; helping us to further advance the march towards sustainability. A desire to nurture those core values ​​which facilitate technical and aesthetic advancement, is the reason why we have embarked on numerous projects and partnerships which seek to recycle a wide range of products including: our own terrazzo fragments and hydraulic tiles, but also marble, glass, wood, and ceramic.



If you are interested, you can follow all our recycling projects and processes via this hashtag on Instagram.


Declare Certification

The Declare certification is a transparency tool created to support the Living Building Challenge (LBC), sponsored by the International Living Future Institute. The LBC is a sustainability program designed around a framework to promote regenerative design to create spaces that give more to the earth than they take and our Huguet handmade terrazzo tiles are part of the program. Take a look at the composition of our material and the certificate.