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About us

Huguet has been manufacturing hydraulic floor tiles and terrazzo items since 1933, forming part of a Mallorcan tradition arising at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays works hand-in-hand with architects and designers such as Herzog & De Meuron, Carme Pinós, Barozzi Veiga, Alfredo Häberli, David Chipperfield, Sergison Bates and Caruso St John, among others because we have been focused on design and innovation to create a traditional but state of the art product.

The construction boom of the 1960s put an end to almost all of the hundred of factories that existed in Mallorca. In those years, Huguet focused its business on the production of cement beams and vaults. Among the projects that were constructed in those years with Huguet products is Jorn Utzon’s Can Lis and Can Felis. 

In 1997, Biel Huguet, grandson of the founder of the factory and a trained technical architect, took over the reins of the factory and returned to hydraulic tiles. Huguet has managed to position the firm as one of the most innovative in product design in Europe and to be an example of how to recover tradition.

The product

The handmade production gives character and quality to the products, which stand out for their natural finish, for their craftsmanship, for their excellent ageing and, in short, for their nobility and elegance.

All the pieces are made one by one in the factory, combining handcrafted techniques with the most modern tests on materials and technical improvements that are constantly being carried out. It is precisely the care and dedication that the craftsmen put into each piece that makes them unique.

Bespoke pieces/Customize

More and more architects, interior designers and individuals are looking for made-to-measure designs and architectural solutions and Huguet is positioned as one of the main companies specialising in bespoke cement and terrazzo pieces. Our philosophy is to put their craft, craftsmanship and technical innovation at the disposal of the most creative minds to achieve the unique and customized pieces they need.

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